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Monday, October 28, 2013


Sunset, 31st OCTOBER  until  Sunset,1st NOVEMBER, 2013

An Opportunity is knocking on this Doorway to a NEW BEGINNING! With this Potent Scorpionic energy, we have a perfect Chance to Change!

I was ‘called’ to Create this ‘New Beginnings’ Transmission, many months ago and I am now ready to Share with those who feel the Potency of this Portal of Possibility!
New Moon/Solar Elcipse

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” Buckminster Fuller
At this time of year, the ‘Veils’ between realms/dimensions are at their most pliable. It is therefore easier to connect with Creator and with your own personal guidance. Listen and Trust your Inner Knowing.
FOCUS for this Powerful Healing / Energy TRANSMISSION Re-Algning and Re-Structuring your Inner and Outer Life,

To REGISTER, please email me at: 
(with Full Name, Alternative name? Date of Birth, Location & Photo)
I shall then send you further details for this Transmission


Suggested Donation - $22.00   /  Paypal - send to: alicia@aliciamarysmith ('Journeys to Inspire)
With all the vast changes occurring during these rapidly Transformative times, Opening to Receive the Abundant Flow of this Universe is Key to Manifesting a New Reality
CONNECTING with:                                                                                    
Passionate Heart of New Creation

Samhain Festival in the northern Hemisphere
Beltane Festival in the southern Hemisphere
(I shall send more details of these seasonal celebrations when you register)

Mercury Retrograde (21 Oct - 10 Nov) - in Scorpio, emphasizing our Integrity
Halloween, All Souls, All Hallows, the ‘Day of the Dead’ (here in Mexico)
   Honouring our Ancestors, our Guides, our own Life Experiences and Creator
Uranus square Pluto (1st Nov) - the midpoint of seven powerfully Transformative Shifts
New Moon (Dark Moon) - 3rd November - in Scorpio.

This lunation is more potent as it is also a Full Solar Eclipse, representing a NEW BEGINNING in the sign of Scorpio. We can choose the positive and constructive qualities of Scorpio - Deep and Perceptive, Passionate and Resourceful, Focused and Inquistive, Powerful and Dynamic.

This is a perfect time for Self-Mastery, so let us look at what behaviours and habits are self-destructive and keep us from fulfilling our dreams. It’s time to Change our addictions, emotional burdens and all situations that keep us from Feeling Free. What seems ‘out of control’ or distracting us from our highest and fullest Potential?

A Strong Focus of this Scorpio energy relates to Control, Power, Money, Sharing, Intimacy and Passions. It’s about New Beginnings in all of these areas of our lives.

TIMING: Sunset, 31st OCTOBER - Sunset, 1st NOVEMBER, 2013
During this time period, I shall be ‘Sending’ the Transmission three times for the northern and three times for the southern hemispheres.


 The Energetic Alchemy of this Transmission is KEY to AWAKENING Codes of Timeless Wisdom and Ancient Mysteries deep within Your Soul.

Mysteries deep within Your Soul. Now is the Time to step into your Full Power and Potential of Who You are Born To Be at this Amazing time of Acceleration. The NEW EARTH.... 

* Next Monthly Transmission
1st December, 2013

'Awakening Heart of Abundance'

Friday, October 25, 2013

What's in Your NAME?

Do you know what your name means? In cultures, from India to Hawai'i, many people know the meaning of their name, but most 'westerners' haven't got a clue! Do you like your name? Are you using a nickname, a shortened version, a diminutive, your middle name, a spiritual name or perhaps one you just decided you liked? 

Our names are used so much that, if we became more conscious of them, we will feel more empowered by our names. We'd will be more self confident and delight at the truth of why this name may have been chosen! Did our parents choose our names, or in the womb, did we whisper through the ethers, "Call me .....". 

How do you feel about your name? Have you asked your parents why they chose your name?

I was officially born, Alison Mary Smith! All fairly common names, which led me to changing it many times over! Now I prefer to think of myself as a unique combination of popular names!  

In English speaking societies we often shorten the name for ease, or use an endearment for sweetness! Certainly, I know that as a young child my name was shortened to Ali and so the inevitable Ali-BaBa was used! Ali-BaBa and the Forty Thieves! Hmmm?

My first name was for my maternal Grandmother, Alice, and my middle name for my Mum, (Mother) Mary! For many years I was simply, Ali, and all derivatives of..., but I always cringed when I heard it in conjunction with my very popular last name, 'Smith'. In my own British culture this is my fathers name, rather than in other societies, like Spain, they take their mother's last name, in conjunction with their father's last name, or in Russia, where your father's first name is like a middle name, a patronym.

Where are You from and what traditions are followed... , or broken?
When I was 21, I was traveling through Australia and south-east Asia, writing postcards home, signing my name 'Ali' and then adding a kiss, an X. So when I returned to Britain, a year later, I found people calling me Alix - This name stuck for years and I still have friends who call me this! 

Alix then began to feel rather harsh! Having traveled around the world, there were many names that people called me: Alixia, Alixaki, Ali-mu - in Greece; Alixusha, Alixunya; Sasha - in Russia; Alicia, Alicita; Elisa - in Spain; and so the names expanded, but I always knew who I truly was inside myself, whatever anyone chose to call me! 

I went to a numerologist to gain a deeper insight into my names and to find out which one would be most suited for me now. The first thing she explained was how you could
recognize the way others 'see' you by the name they choose to call you! Interesting! Then I shared how I had wanted to change my last name to Ferranti, when I was a teenager; how we have an inherited family name of Kurslake and that my actual last name is Smith. "Well, that's simple", she said. "You have been rejecting the Smithy, the Alchemist, that has the ability to turn base metals into gold! The 'Fer' is the metal; you've then taken on the mythical story of a Smithy, who was cursed to the bottom of a lake! "It's now time to become the Alchemist."

As for my middle name, she explained how protective and potentially powerful the honorable name of Mary is and that Alicia was the most gracious and strong version of the name whose base comes from Greek, meaning Nobility and Truth. I sensed the subtle energies of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and all the Maria's, touch my inner knowing and felt the courageous Truth of Alicia, supporting me (αλήθεια/Alithea, in Greek)

That was it, from that moment on, I was the fullness of my birth name: Alicia Mary Smith and have remained so, accepting all the experiences that have created her!
I've also received a few spiritual names. The first was in Arizona, while I was working with
a shamanic medicine wheel, I intuitively received the name Starry Grey Wolf - it meant I was to accept being a teacher and to progress along that path (this refers to Wolf) The Grey refers to intertwining the duality of black and white and neutralizing all into One.  Starry was a recognition of the lighter spheres of consciousness, of guides and ancestors, available to assist us all, from a higher perspective! 

A week later the name WindFlower was given to me, with the awareness to Be the Flower
or Butterfly in the wind! To let go of all past events and trust in the rhythm of constant change. I was to open myself to the Grace of God's Love and help pollinate other flowers in this world! 

After many visits to Hawai'i, I was endowed with the name Kawai'ilele O Kahiki Lau Lani,
which means, the Waterfall from the Ancient Heavenly Lands! Kawai'ilele (Waterfall) for short! This referred to being born at the Galactic Center, receiving a constant stream of ancient wisdom, being very sensitive, often cleansing my energies and staying grounded. 

Andara Shekina was also a name given in Hawaii, but I refused to take on this energy - I didn't feel I deserved such a name! I was first given a beautiful andara crystal in Hawaii and even prior to that, had many dreams about temples of andara, as if I were at school! Shekina(h) is a Hebrew word and refers to the female aspect of God, rather like the Holy Spirit in Christianity. Both these names together, that' was a lot to live up to! Shortly after that, I spent some time in Israel and then in Egypt, it felt as if I was firmly told, I must take on these names, Now!

I'm aware of all these names, but always come back to the one that is most often used, Alicia, meaning Truth, and so this is the core of who I endeavour to Be! 

Didn't someone once say "the Truth shall set us Free!"

The energy of my names are what I choose to embody and to aspire to live by!  

In the last year, I've been very unwell and haven't felt myself connected so much with my spiritual names, but more with the origins of my birth name - obviously, I had further releasing and letting go of old entanglements and am now beginning to embody all the energies of each name, open to whatever other teachings may be presented in a name! 
  Do you have a special story about your name?  Please share in the 'comments' below and BeCome Who You Truly Are!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Philosophy of Huna

 A blend of Hawaiian and Western Teachings, based on the following principles:

Ahena Heiau, Kailua Kona, Hawaii
“You create your own reality (‘Ike).”
“You are unlimited (kala).”
“You get what you concentate upon (Makia).”
“The moment of power is now (Manawa).”
“To love is to be happy with (Alo’ha).”
“All power comes from within (Mana).”
“Effectiveness is the measure of truth (Pono).”

use these principle to look for the hidden possibility in any situation. Hawaiian chants, songs and stories are filled with double meanings, veiled references, and mixed implications called ‘Kaona’.

by Catherine Kalama Becker, PH.D. from her book ‘Mana Cards’

Friday, October 11, 2013

FREE to Be Me

Lily - full of Love and sometimes a little jealous!
As has become usual, in this rural Mexican Casita, I stirred from my slumber, with the tell tale sign that all the dogs were also awakening. They were intuitively aware of my slight movement, as all their tales started harmoniously wagging in anticipation of a neighborhood walk. I stayed a while longer, enjoying the last memories of my dreamworld, turning gently towards the rising sunlight. I was soon brought yet further to my senses by 'Lilly’s' rough doggy tongue, encouraging a morning fuss, followed by 'Pecas'’ shy and gently excited appearance and finally 'Canello', intrepidly wishing to be petted, in his nervous state of wariness. Wham! Next arrives Chocolate, the bouncing interloper who jumps straight up onto my bed - not the most sweetly smelling dog, but eager to share his love, hoping for some tasty titbits too. I have no choice, but to alert my full senses and watch for the jealousies that sometimes ensue. I am careful to give attention to them all!

Canello - masculine form of Cinnamon
 My bare feet on the cold stone floor, have me skip and jump across the living area, to boil up some water for my daily dose of lemon and honey water. A yummy cleansing and a good dose of vitamin C to set me up for the day. Waiting for the kettle to boil, the small cats are stretching themselves awake, calling for attention and expecting some fresh food for breakfast. I oblige, as the two mama cats arrive from feeding their kittens, unhappy with the presence of the other three, seeking some nutritious treats. Again, I oblige - Yes, cats do like to have servants! Poor dogs - it just ‘ain’t fair that those cats are fed and we have to wait!  They are so patient, so I give them all a little treat, hoping to keep them all calm for a little longer, while I climb back into my snug warm bed and write my daily journal. 

Scribbles from my night dreams, how I’m feeling, whatever has ‘come up’ for me over the last day, anticipating the coming day and letting it all go! These ‘morning pages’, a prayer for the day and a short visual, breath meditation are my centering start to another miraculous day!

Finally, the dogs are happy and we’re ready to take a walkabout! Actually we have two choices from this little ranchero, The straight flat path or the windy up hill path. I choose the latter, wishing to feel and appreciate my hearts beat more fully and knowing there are more side paths for the dogs to explore. What I’ve particularly noticed is how very present the dogs help me to be. Especially the last few days, I realize that while I’m walking, the majority of the time my mind is absolutely empty and I am fully present in the simple observation of where I am now! As an Arian, my mind is often so busy and requires a concerted effort to quieten down. This is not new to me, whether it be the busy-ness or the empty-ness, but since having been ill for over a year and finally having a stroke, I sense a more gentle depth to my own conscious awareness. I Thank God! For there were times when I thought I was losing my mind and everything was becoming either too overwhelming or a nothing-ness, that felt deeply depressive. Phew, I am here now, in a fuller awareness of this miraculous life! Thank you Creator!

So, the windy uphill path is to the right and the ‘right way’! Once again, we had a downpour of cleansing rain in the night and the track is murky and muddy, but the beams of light from the morning sun are beginning to bring a bright shimmering sparkle to all the abundant vegetation and wild flowers, who have suffered in the drenching! “Ola, Buenas Dias, Bon Apetito”. In my limited Spanish I greet the neighbors family, sat outside on their tree stump stools, chickens and turkeys squawcking all around, enjoying an early breakfast before the school and work day begin. They are so hospitable in the own greeting, so gentle and welcoming in their smiles. They obviously live at a low level of material wealth, but exude a wealth of contented happiness, seldom found in many societies. I give thanks for their presence and vivid show of simple happiness. 

Onward and upward, the dogs are free to wander here ,there and everywhere. I love that they are free to explore, rather than on a leash. I watch them, I am aware of them and every now and again, I acknowledge them by name and a gentle pat of connection. They are aware of me and where I am. We watch each other, with loving care and allow that we all ‘do our own thing’ - Each one ‘Free to Be Me’! It delights me to sense their excitement at new things they discover and they seem to come and share their new delights! Their excitement, brings a greater joy of awareness to me, at the amazing beauty of this organic nature all around, above and below. Aaah, I am Grateful. I have faith that however far they wander off the path, they are listening, watching; always aware of each other and of me. They feel totally free to be themselves, as well as joining and sharing with each other!

Puddles of the previous day keep their thirst quenched and blessedly they seem to languish a while in a clear flowing stream, after the muddy trenches, before we make our way home and a welcome cup of coffee for me, a few tasty treats for these wonderful dog Gods!

I hope you see, hear and sense the many metaphors woven through these words and that this shall inspire and empower You, to Awaken and Open your own Heart and Soul to yet more of the miracles in each moment and this magnificent world of wonders, we call ‘Home’! 


Thursday, October 10, 2013

♥ In Joy this World of Wonders ♥

Facebook Album of Photos to help You Smile on this Wondrously Unique Day! 

Liz Christed: "I'm feelin' it!!"
Beth Bracaglia: "Fantastic pictures - inspiring"

Saturday, October 5, 2013



Awaken to the Peace that comes from expressing the Truth of your Soul, be Gentle to others and yourself, and be Tolerant.

A - ala - watchful Alertness, Awareness

L - lokahi - Harmonise

O - oia’i’o - Truthful Honesty

H - ha’aha’a - Humility

A - ahonui - Patient, Perseverance

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holy City - Place of Power!

The story continues from the previous two blogs....

It was Friday evening, the Jewish Sabbath and the first day of Pesach (Passover). I Am in the Holy City of Jerusalem and I left you as I was walking towards the Western Wall, the Wailing Wall, the only original part of the Sacred Temple of King David.

Not only was it historically and religiously of great importance, it was built in an area of the city that is one of the most powerful energy centres of the localised Earth Grid. The wall now partly acts as a retaining wall for the foundations of Temple Mount, upon which sits, the Islamic sacred site of Al Aqsa Mosque. An interesting ‘game’ of power to ‘govern’ this vortex of energy, between two faiths, that come from the same father, Abraham!

Within the telluric Earth Grids of Yerushalayem, there are powerful spiraling energies that have been accessed as portals to other dimensions. Some of them lay dormant, some are being misused, some continue to be in need of clearing and a few have the potential possibility of pure crystalline spinning unity! There are many Lightworkers who are called to these places of power, within the Grids of Gaia, and some who even choose to be born there. Like others, I may not see the whole picture or understand the why’s and wherefore’s, but the inner ‘calling’ to weave my light at these sacred power points, is so strong that to ignore it becomes incredibly uncomfortable; with a faith beyond logic, that has me know where to be and when!

There are always those who have gone before, those will come after and those who may be ‘working’ along side you, unbeknown to each other! I am grateful and love you all. There are those of us whose role it is to be physically in certain locations, as crystalline transmitter’s and receiver’s of the energetic flow and those who support from afar....and then, of course, there are the multitude of Angelics, Masters and Source, that flow in unison with us, according to our own will being aligned with the will of Divinity! Suffice to say, there is so much more to share on many levels and I am assured that you shall feel your own truth when you are ready.

So I am standing in the large square in front of The Wall, hundreds of people milling around, coming and going, gathering in groups, entering the sanctum of prayer; an area closer to the wall, which is split into a narrow area for women and a larger area for men. A little giggle inside says that women have less n

eed to pray, as many indigenous people’s say, women don’t need to drum, for they already know the heartbeat of Mother Earth! The truth is for each to discern; all I know is that my prayer must come from the clear feelings of a loving heart. Perhaps women must now drum in unison with the men, to recreate and regenerate the heartbeat of unity?

I find a spot at the centre of the square and stand still within my own inner silence. To most, I would appear to be just watching, but those who can ‘see’, would notice how people naturally left space around me, choosing to change direction or move away, allowing me to feel freer to gently expand my field. I began to move into the sacred play of energetically diving deep, to the crystalline core of Mother Earth and flying high, to the direct Source of All.

For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you may remember that I spent a month before coming to Israel, preparing my own Eletro-Magnetic Field and MerKaBa of Light, specifically aligning with the Earth and Cosmic Grids of these Holylands; working with energetic templates, sacred geometries, sound, light and movement, clearing, strengthening, balancing, re-callibrating..... In my teachings I share some of this work, for others to expand their own ability to effectively awaken these codes of light and sound within, all in preparation for these changing times, for 2012 and beyond!

Having spent a month before coming and then a week with the Shaman bottle-nosed Dolphins of Eilat, I felt strengthened, encouraged, attuned and ready for the work I was called to do here in this holy place of power. There was also a part of me feeling a few threads of apprehension and fear at what may be brought to the surface for clearing and release; breaking through to new initiatory levels! Through these many weeks of preparation, I had experienced some deep and penetrating emotions, that had me bawling my eyes out, shaking with grief, terrified with fear - I am ever grateful to my breath, the Breath of the Universe, leading me through these Gateways, into an even vaster awareness of the One Heart of Pure Love and Joyful Peace!

....and there is always more! As we clear our own personal fields and raise our vibration, we assist in clearing our families, our ancestors, the collective consciousness of humanity, of the earth and beyond. So the next time you feel a deep emotion, ask yourself, ‘how much of this is mine and how much is because I am feeling the collective energies?’ We are all making a difference simply through this awareness, by staying unattached and working on ourselves. So, this is a slight insight into my own journey to being here in the Holylands this time. Like many, I know I have been here in other lifetimes and know there are more personal reasons for my presence, as well as the knowledge that I have agreed to return, as one of many Lightworkers, in service to the whole.

I set a diamond template of Light above and below the place I have stood and make my way towards the female section of prayer. Adjusting my scarf to cover my head, I humbly enter and slowly make my way through the women to the wall. There are those in silent prayer, some reading out loud, others outwardly grieving, none with a look of serenity and love. Through a high speed slide show of inner eye images, I saw the faces of worshippers from many faith, all in serious pursuit of Godliness, seeming to lack light and love within their eyes. I saw how many go to their places of worship with their worries, fears and burdens of life and few who are simply in devotion. The higher frequencies of Pure Loving Joy were missing....

As I reached the wall, I put one hand on the stones, leaning my head against it. My other hand was clasping a rose quartz heart against my own heart, amplifying and strengthening a connection to the One Heart. Having aligned to specific energetic geometries, I surrendered, allowing myself to be a conduit of transmutation, transformation and rebalance. Within seconds I felt an almost overwhelming wave of grief bursting through every part of me.

I continued to breath deeply and silently up and down through my

chakric column and deep into my heart centre. Multi-dimensional templates of sound and light were spinning through every cell and molecule, expanding the contracted energy and increasing the frequencies of liquid light! Through the deep pains and wounds of the past, feelings of nausea and a disgusting putrid taste had me almost faint, but I began to gently chant sounds of light that were penetrating through the surface of the wall and soon I was floating on an Ocean of Love! ‘The show’ was a marvel to feel and experience, despite the intensity of energy in motion! There were horrific images to release, visions to expand, keys to activate and so much more.... It was done! Before leaving, I placed the programmed rose quart heart in a small hole out of obvious view.....

As I walked toward the same spot in the square, I noticed how it was still clear of people and watched the spinning light grid shimmering above. I had received additional activations of light and sound through the earth portal and the timeless knowledge that was encased within the wall. Standing there, once more, I invoked the Oneness, grounding and expanding the new templates of pure crystalline diamond sound and light. For many, this can seem completely far fetched, to others, all in a days work! When you know, you know, although there are also times of doubt, when you feel you may just be making it all up! Thank fully there is enough specific synchronicity and insight, showing the purpose and The Way! Of course, it can seem that nothing has changed, but all things begin in the imagination, which for many of us, is simply the absolute awareness of others dimensions, all affecting each other in the Unified Field and Web of Life!

I took a deep breath of completion, grounding my energies down into the earth, to bring myself more fully present into the 3D world of now! I had no idea how long I had been, having said I would be half an hour and given the intent to let time be divinely guided! I turned to where I had arranged to meet the Jewish gentleman who had invited me to Seder dinner and there he was, standing a few feet behind me. He smiled a broad grin of mischievous joy and humbly nodded his head with ‘shalom, I am Aaaron’. Follow me, he gestured and we slowly made our way through the crowds to the corner of the square where he introduced me to the bright aura of an Austrian woman, Karin, who was also going to join this evenings Pesach dinner. Somehow it was a relief that I was not the only naiive ‘foreigner’, possibly being taken for a ride, but both of us felt there was a genuine authenticity about this man. The discernment of a little fear just keeps us on our toes, alert to all eventualities, with the comfort of trusting in the journey! Our impression was that the dinner was somewhere close by, but as we followed Aaron, at a faster and faster pace, it seemed the destination may allude us.... where on earth are we going...?!

To be continued....

I commend you for reading on and allowing me to share the weavings of each thread! I aspire to inspire you to journey with me and know that what is mine is yours, what is yours is mine - We Are All One!

Sparkles of Joyous Love until another day....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Holy City - Path of Peace (contd)

I have returned! Yes, I know, few days later than expected, as in the unpredictable world of internet connections, it has been rare to go online at the cafe bar that has become myoffice away from home! I realise that I wandered off the track of ‘sustainability’, right from the start, but the meanderings shall eventually come full circle and show the relevance of this journey to inspire!

Continuing from where I left off on my last post: I was seemingly stranded in Eilat, knowing I had to be in Yerushalayem by nightfall. It was Friday, the Holy Sabbath Day in Judaism, beginning at sunset on Friday and finishing with the setting sun on Saturday. For those of faith, it is not allowed to use any machinery, including transport, so on a normal Sabbath, there would be very little public transport, but today was the first day of Pesach (Passover), one of the most important Jewish holidays, honouring the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

Everyone I spoke to said that it was absolutely impossible to travel today and that I should wait until at least the next day; better still, the next week! My heart felt pulled between disappointment at a lack of natural flow and a determination to open the door of possibility! Within minutes I was in Muslim owned taxi, whisking me off to the edge of town, where I decided the God’s would assist me in a safe and easy passage to the Holy City of Peace! When I told him where I was going, he suggested driving me there, but a six hour taxi fare was definitely way beyond my budget. I was planning on hitching a ride, not something you share with your Mother, until after the adventure! I looked quite incongruous, stood on the roadside, with my bright red suitcase. Gone were the days when I travelled the world with my trusty backpack!

I valiantly put out my thumb at the few passing cars and withdrew it as soon as a taxi slowe

d down. Eagerly I anticipated the perfect ride, trusting the Divine to make all the necessary arrangements! Finally a car pulled over, and I jumped with excitement, until I looked inside and saw four middle-aged men glaring at me! I said out loud, hands thrust in the air, “God, I really trust you, but not quite that much!” With waves of doubt beginning to flow through me, I was surprised at myself, when after twenty more minutes a small car stopped with two young men.

Immediately I knew I was safe and in good hands! ....And this was so! Two students from Italy and Holland, both studying at Haifa University. Their route would take me about a third of The Way, but as we chatted about life, our shared journeys and the possibility of lasting peace, the bond between us

grew into a feeling of ‘soul family on a mission’! I didn’t even realise they’d driven past my drop off point and before I knew it, we were driving along the western shore of the Dead Sea! They’d decided to take me to the Heart of Jerusalem! It was an important journey, following the energy line that weaved it’s way from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, to the Sea of Galilee! Connecting with the ancient communities of the Essene and to the crystalline minerals of this sacred valley! These Divine Men were Goddess sent!

Many years before, leading a tour group to Jordan and Israel, I’d stayed in the St. George Hotel and I knew I was to return, to retrace a remembrance of where I’d left off! It was thirteen years since I’d stayed there, so you can imagine my amazement when the manager remembered me and invited me to join him for tea. He was a Palestinian Christian, who worked part time as a volunteer for an interfaith peace movement. Apparently even back then, I was spouting the importance of walking a Path of Joyful Peace and he recalled how I had arrived, settled my group and arranged to meet them in a couple of hours, for an evening walking tour of the Old City, taking in Jewish, Muslim and Christian sites!

In this life, I’d never been there before, but I dumped my bags in my room and took flight, walking rapidly through all the narrow, meandering streets, map in hand, ‘radar’ fully functioning, envisioning an easy and interesting route. It was a profound and perfectly guided path, with the company of a sleek black cat surreptitiously leading me all The Way! No-one mentioned the cat until the next morning when it arrived at the beginning of the tour! I’m sure She shape-shifted through dimensions! As I have found in many places to which I’ve been drawn, these twisting streets felt so familiar, that I have no doubt I once knew them like the back of my hand and the cat, felt as if She could have been Me!

Giorgos, the manager and I sat supping tea, speaking of the changes and sadness that was continuing to be perpetuated, with more violence and animosity, despite the wonderful work of many groups and individuals promoting cooperation, mutual respect, equality of life and a path of peace. The drastic measure to build a wall of separation, echoed the repeated patterns of the past, but I have hope and faith that one day we shall all finally see that we are All One. Sometimes the initiations of turmoil, strife and Mother Earth’s churning leads us through the chaos, to be reborn in the fullness of more Love! Each one of us can make all the difference in the world, by simply being our Authentic True Self, whose birthright is to Love, to be at Peace and to Live Life in Joy!

It was not my destiny to stay at St.George’s, despite the generous discount offered, I was to stay in the heart of the Arabic Quarter, close to the suppos’ed resurrection cave of Yeshua (Jesus). Before I left the hotel, I stood observing a large oil painting of St.George and suddenly tingled all over, with his likeness to Archangel Michael, a constant companion to many! Then the realisation struck me what a powerful weekend this was. Not only was it the beginning of Pesach, it was a Full Moon, the Buddhist Wesak Moon, St. George’s Day and to boot it all, the Queen’s Birthday - the latter may seem insignificant, but as she was reigning whilst the lands of Palestine were being divided and taken, it felt relevant! Empires and States of Power have manipulatively sort short term goals, unaware of the bigger picture, the karmic debt, the individual Souls of the Earth and the lack of awareness, that what I do to another, I do to myself, for I Am that, I Am, in the Oneness of All Life!

Before I walked out the door of the hotel, I set a specific template of sacred geometries through and around my field and expanded that gently outward to create a gentle cloak of invisibility and a tracking radar to set me on the most beneficial path, all in accordance for my highest good and the good of all concerned.... Shalom, Salaam, I walk the Way of Love, the Path of Peace! As was my usual way, I focused on staying as present in each moment as possible, a challenging task in the bustling late afternoon commuter traffic of cars, carts and careless passersby, but I have gotten used to listening and trusting the inner guidance of ‘turn left, right, stop, walk further, now, go in, wait.....’ Really, sometimes it’s that simple, at other times I am shown a distinct vision and clear path, but this one step at a time, has had clear teaching for me to be even more present in the gift of now, as well as allowing myself to surrender to letting go of control!

Thankfully, I didn’t have to pull my suitcase too far along the bumpy streets, negotiating a path through an array of curious characters. Admittedly, the messages were not always that clear and I did have a little confusion when I seemed to be ‘sent’ up and down the same street a few of times! I sense these wanderings have their own simplistic and profound lessons in weaving the web of light! The Capitol Hotel was a bit of a dive, with a gruff, angry receptionist insisting that I leave my passport with him for the night for registration, perhaps assurance I would pay up the next day or maybe to copy and steal my identity! Either way, I smiled at him and walked away, not wishing to waste energy on fear or being ‘right’ - Actually, it wasn’t such a big deal as I’m lucky enough to have two passports; a great asset when traveling between nations who lack a little mutual love for one another!

In my sparse room, I unpacked what was necessary and set a mini altar; a habit I’ve had for many years, in order to create ‘home’, to set a sacred space, to hold my energy and as a portal for receiving and transmitting frequencies of light! I sat to meditate on the next step, but within seconds I knew! I readied myself in respectful attire, to go directly to the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, the only original wall remaining of King David Temple and potently holy to the Jews. A quick look at the map to get my bearings and I was heading out the door, less obvious without a bright red suitcase and appropriately wearing a long dress, long sleeves and head scarf. The cool evening air had me quicken my step, as I went directly to the Damascus Ga

te. As I entered the Old City, I felt myself walking in two worlds! I felt the past becoming the present, the sounds reminding me of other times, the smells recalling distant memories, the faces like shadows of ‘family’ from the past! I walked with purpose and focused intent, having to keep breathing deeply, to keep myself fully aware of the physical world in which I was walking, despite the lucid dream of another life, reeling through my conscious awareness. I had experienced this many times before, but this time both the wo

rlds were so vivid and clear, that negotiating the physical confines of this old city was challenging my ability to stay centered and grounded, here and now, knowing all is happening now!! Yes, I know, our heads are still working on that one, but I’m sure your heart can feel the truth, without a need to understand! In that moment my head and heart were just having to surrender!

I could feel the magnetic pull of The Wall drawing me closer and started to remember walking in a long, regal procession, on this holiest of days, to the Gates of the Temple, for a Blessing to the Holy Yaweh and Shekina. I snapped back into this world and as I entered the large square there was a sudden infusion of energy that came pulsing though me and emanated outward, in a spiraling ray of pearlescent light, above, below and all around! It stopped me in my tracks and had me take a deep gulp of air, that I sent down into the earth, then up into the heaven’s. Centre and ground, stay still, in silence, surrender, be invisible. Time appeared to stand still as everyone around me looked as if they were moving in slow motion, each seemingly aware of the perfection of their presence at this moment, now! It could have been hours or minutes that passed by, but suddenly I was jolted to attention by a kindly man, with a long fuzzy beard, inviting me to join their group for ‘Seder’ Dinner. I felt unsure at first, a little distrust and fear creeping to the surface, but in an instant and with a twinkle of his gentle eyes, I accepted with humble gratitude! There was only one thing, I had a mission at The Wall and this I must complete. Without explanation, he agreed to meet me back there in half an hour and I walked towards the sounds of wailing, ready to feel it all......!

....and so the story shall continue another day!!

Thank you for your patient presence in my telling of this story and please feel free to make comment below....

Infinite Waves of Love to You! ♥ྀ ´¯`•.¸¸.ི♥ྀ´¯`•.¸¸.ི♥ྀ

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Holy Love & Dolphins 'Calling'!

I Am here on the Sacred Isle of Cyprus, a crossroads to the Holylands and a place to luxuriate in the Ocean of Love that was birthed her with Aphrodite! Her essence fills me night and day, with the exuberant feeling of potential possibility that we may all one day realise that every dear soul on this planet loves each other. I know this to be true, deep in my heart, although there are times when I feel the deep hatred, jealousies, envy, spite and malice of a world that has forgotten who we are!

There will come a day when we shall All awaken to the truth that All is Love. We come from Love, we are Love and we return to Love. All very easy to say and to intellectualise, to feel in a fleeting moment or to flow with in the dreaminess of day and night! Sustainability - this is the constant mastery in so many areas of Life on Earth.

I recall a time when I had spent quite a while in IsRaEl. I had led groups there in the early 90’s and felt my own deep connection to the land and culture of this Holyland, that was now politically divided by unnatural borders of continuing human power games! I felt a calmness, a peace, a pure joy, a love of all peoples, even though the physicality showed the duality of profound spirituality in contrast to disrespectful survivalism.

Years later I returned a number of times, on a ‘calling’ to work energetically with these sacred lands, the ancient depths of despair, the patterns of repeated dramas. At this time I had no funds and was in debt, but when there is a ‘calling’, signs appear around every corner! If I ignore it, the energies simply build up inside of me, making it so incredibly uncomfortable, that it is easier to take the leap of faith and make a move! I’ve often said, movement is my meditation! This happened with Israel, three years in a row, and each time I was in a minus financial situation, but by hook or by crook! I always seemed to manage to get there and do what I had to do, in weaving with the energetics!

I would prepare for at least a month beforehand, by soaking in Dead Sea Salts to connect with the ancient lands and purify with the crystalline elements. Everyday I would meditate and travel through the ethers to journey in ancient times and to past lives. I felt the trapped energies that called to be released; dove deep into my own shadows of knowing I Am that, I Am - there is nothing separate, it is All One! What is within me is outside of me ad vice versa!

As I surrendered and accepted my own connection to this Land of my Heart and Family of my Soul, I was able to dissolve and expand cellular memory that had been held for eons within the hu-man wounds of war! Linking directly to Source and with the humbling assistance of so many Masters, I found myself traveling in multiple dimensions of time and space, through the sacred geometries of natural chaos and perfect order! I felt deeply grateful to be able to be of service! Of course, there were times when my mind thought I was making it all up; that it was just an overactive imagination. After all my art teacher at school told me ‘You have such a vivid imagination, you could draw every hair on a bald man’s head’!

Thankfully I was always given so many very specific signs that I kept my faith, that all was flowing in accordance with the highest good of all, in the Universal River of Life! Stay in the moment and allow Grace to lead you! Years later, my bless’ed teacher and friend, Gerald, told me ‘never forget how spot on you are! and write FAITH in ever larger letters! The latter I continue to do and encourage you to do the same!


There is so much I could share in a multitude of words, but I choose to allow the vastness of what I wish to say, to exude from the sacred sounds contained between each syllable and the resonance of light in every extended vowel, spoken or even sung! Huh, you may already be thinking, ‘this is already a long story’! Yes and there’s much more, but that will come later in a book I’m writing, ‘BeComing Mary’! For now, I wish just to share a few snippets!

So, finally I would journey to Israel and be guided where to go and when. This would often be very specific and not always so simple. There was a time when I was in Eilat, on the Gulf of Aqaba; sensing The Way Moses journeyed in his search for the Promised Land. Here the dolphins had sung me forth, to work with them along a fault line and energy line that runs north to the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee and beyond to the source of the River Jordan, in Mount Hebron. I was shown the sacred geometries that interconnected across the Middle East, with Jerusalem (City of Peace), directly linked to Baghdad (ancient Babylon), to Damascus (site of sound temples) and to the Great Pyramids and Sphinx of the Giza Plateau. Interlocking portals that partly lay dormant and were also in desperate need of a purification through the eons of many realms of abuse and struggle to hold power over these gateways of energy; chakras of Gaia.

Everyday I would swim with the dolphins and sit in their wonderful presence, learning, remembering, awakening and working with them through the Electro-Magnetic Grids of the Unified Field. They taught me so much, opening me to such loving wisdom and playful artistry! These bottle-nosed dolphins, shamans of the the dolphin world, were brought from the Black Sea and kept captive in an enclosure. I had been sad to see them enclosed, but they assured me that ‘freedom is something we choose to have within’! I weaved with them for almost a week, when suddenly I awoke one day and knew I had to go to Jerusalem.

I packed my bags and went to ask about a flight or bus - Nothing, Nada! It was Friday, the day of the Sabbath, when there would normally be a limited bus service, but not today, it was the first day of Pesach, Passover! Despite this the ‘calling’ was too strong to ignore and I knew I had to get there by nightfall....

Watch this space for the next installment tomorrow, promise!

Going to swim in the Ocean of Love, as the Mermaid, I Am!

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