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I aspire to support those who seek more clarity on their individual journey. Unraveling & releasing the hidden hurts & shadows opens the doorway to more of one's wondrous unsung nature. Pivotal to this explorative adventure is a willingness to be humble, honest, and to develop faith in one's own potential passions & desires, and to open one's heart to the possibility of a Loving and Truthful relationship with the Creator. My services are without set fees. However, in the essence of Giving and Receiving, there is a donation link to support my presence with you, on these ‘Journeys to Inspire’.

1 April 2019

Are you a Spiritual Warrior?

It was over 20 years ago, in a drama class, we were asked to choose and memorise a short essay. We would repeat it over and over again with differing scenes, voices and emphasis. My journey through life had always felt like a spiritual quest and though I found many inspiring pieces of writing nothing resonated enough for me to authentically pour forth my heart and soul in such repetitive diversity.  Finally I wrote this small piece in the vein, that I too was a ‘Spiritual Warrior’ with a mission. Perhaps it will feel relevant to a part of your own journey….

"The Spiritual Warrior fighting against a tide of fear from outside and within. We are so many and yet we feel we are alone in this world. Seek and you shall find your own kind. Speak of your own inner truth, of who you really are and wish to be and you shall attract reflections of yourself. The courage will come as you live your truth and follow those whispers from the Universe. 

Can you remember that joyful child you were, playing with abandon and glee?  Imagine feeling that secure freedom once again and bring it into your life now. Recapture your childlike sense of wonder and awe and view this world as a magical place!

With this knowing, this enthusiasm, this revitalised you, go out there and make a difference! We are so often silent, afraid of upsetting the status quo, of not being loved for who we really are. Now is a time to come together, to quieten our ego and create unity within ourselves, our soul family, the world. 

The winter months take us into the warmth of our own caves; into the darkness, where only a candle lights our way; into our dreams where visions are formed. Soon spring shall be upon us and we’ll clean and clear a new space for power to live and grow as Spiritual Warriors.”

The evolving years and transformative experiences of life, would have me add more and change the perspective, but the simple concepts are still significant. The overall feelings that: it’s truly possible to be loved unconditionally, the view from outside the box has wonderful advantages, cultivating our childlike curiosity is beneficial, humility is a key to creating harmony within ourselves and therefore the world and that time alone is vital component for developing a more loving condition in our heart and soul.